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Male choir Borgharen Maastricht, history in a nutshell.

Around the year 1900 formed a number of Church singers from the former municipality borgharen a choir, that only officially in 1902 as the Saint Gregory choir was established.

Already soon after its establishment were concert evenings and the choir took part in all kinds of competitions in South-Limburg, but soon also at home and abroad. Thereby got the choir before World War II already much fame and performed it many times on the radio at Hilversum, Liège, Antwerp and Brussels.

After the war, carried and led by the, for 17 years successful conductor, Lambert Kengen knew the "Gregory choir" regain its leading place in the Limburg choir world in. Under the leadership of his successor Toine Cremers (from ' 77 to ' 93) was a large range of operatic works to the repertoire were added and various large concerts performed, along with many soloists and various symphony orchestras.

In addition were also an LP and some CDs recorded and the choir made many foreign concert tours. Also many performances and concerts were given in their own country and built an excellent reputation on the chorus. In 1993 the "batôn" about to bore Toine Cremers Roger Moens, which to date the choir delights and inspires. As a result, the choir has grown steadily to a membership of more than 60 singers.

The repertoire of the choir has been extended with new work, but also the choir continues to sing opera and musical. Under the direction of Roger Moens annually an average of 20 concerts in large and small concert halls.

Together with renowned harmonies and orchestras are given many concerts is regularly worked together on all kinds of innovative musical ideas.

On 15 september 2002 to Borgharen centenary of the Gregory choir celebrated with a Pontifical high mass, dedicated by the Bishop of Roermond. This mass was accompanied by male choir borgharen with orchestral accompaniment. On behalf of her Majesty Queen Beatrix awarded mayor Gerd Leers at the chorus the Silver Medal and the Gold Medal of the city of Maastricht City.

The choir is despite the respectable age of 110 years, still kicking and a welcome guest at home and abroad.

So is the choir on 5-6-7 October, still on a successful concert journey to Koblenz and is a concert trip to Luxembourg in 2013 already under way.

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